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Off-the-shelf software

Customization is one of the most populair topics surrounding software voor rental companies. A majority of our rental clients have every intention of leveraging off-the-shelf software during their software selection process. That’s not strange and not new.

However, as project teams get into the details of the software during the implementation cycle, they see the software doesn’t do that what they expected to do.

So what to do now?

Keep working with off-the-shelf software or try to find a new off-the-shelf package that will hopefully does the work better..

Now days a requests to make one or more customizations to the software are inevitable. has become big by the first day with customizations. From small tricks to relatively large connections with third parties software.

Benefits of specific development from

Save money

We can assure you we give you the best price for custumization. Beacause we work only for rental (catering) companies, we have the requested specific development 9 out of 10 times already developt or a part of it. So we can use the technique for your company and make you happy.


We have the best professionals that love the rental business and companies who are using our software. Our dedicated staff love to think with you about solutions or inform you with new possibilities to create everyday a beter and beter experience.


With our 24/7 support we can provide you the best┬ácommunication with us you need. You can always communicate in your own language so we can help you the best way and understand every question you’re asking. You always get a clear en correct answer from our support.


You wish is our command. We are big enough to create everything you wish and small enough to listen to your specific needs. If you need us we are here. We don’t send you away with a ‘go fish’. We love to hear your story.

Why wait? Go to the next level!

What are you waiting for? Create the new experience with your rental company, bring everything to the next level. We are ready to discuss your rental project.

We seek to create long-term relationships built on results.

“You see the problem when the solution is there!”

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